The Best You Can Know About "PTC"

Learn How to Increase, Maximize and Boost-up PTC Earnings

Earning money on the Internet and especially on the very Popular Paid To Click programs has always been once dream and most of all in country like us, this Online money making industry has been reported to be the most convenient way of making money on the internet. No doubt that it’s really easy to earn with such programs, but i tell you what, it can be very time consuming if you do not follow some tips n’ tricks and just get into these…


Today our team has decided to reveal some of the most working tips and tactics that can double your earning potential in Paid to Click programs and will assure that you will get your payouts at least on your weekends and even sooner!!


These tactics are not mysteries, they are open to you but you need to experience the PTCs before you know them. There’s no need for that because now we are sharing our experience with you so that you’ll get straight down on your earning track and obviously only “We Pakistanis can help our selves in a better way than anyone else!!”.


Did you know?


PTC Gurus out there have reported to be making from $500-$2000+ monthly, all just for their clicks!!


So below are the tactics that we’ll be sharing and we are going to tell you the inside deeper story and we’ll elaborate every single point for making you understand in the best way as we can!


So here are the steps that you need to follow:


1. Join Multiple Legit PTC Sites: If you have joined only or just one PTC site, than you are not going to earn more money with this job. As we believe that you must join at least 3 PTC Sites to increase and maximize your earning potential and for having multiple income streams, this would obviously result in a dramatic change in your earnings. And in this way you can increase and boost-up your Advertising Campaign’s Monthly Budget and by using effective advertising, you can make a Powerful Down line for you which will double your earning potential and the final results will be exploding, and you’ll be getting your payments after short intervals!


2. Upgrade to Premium Membership: After that you have joined some of the legit and proven Paid to Click sites. The next step that you need to take is to upgrade your account membership from Standard to Premium as this can also boost up your earnings and your account balance will be increasing each day passing.


Upgrading membership can be beneficial in different ways, below are the advantages for upgrading to a Golden, paid or premium membership.

Instant payments.

Lower payout limitations.

More advertisement clicks each day.

Double your referral earning on per click.

Earn more per click.

Gain greater features.


3. Refer People Or Rent Referrals: This is what we have said many times, and we all know that our earning potential in PTC Sites always depends upon our down line, simply “The bigger, the better”. So this is what PTC Industry is all about. If you are not having a good down line so this will take much time for you to reach your lowest payout limit!


Getting referrals is no more a big deal and is really easy. The best and free method to get referrals is to refer your friends, family, relatives or co-workers and make them understand about the entire working process. Once they have joined you so you have started earning money all for your clicks and your referrals’ as well!


And if you can’t refer people, there’s other optional way for you to get referrals and for that you have to make investments for renting referrals. There are different referral renting packages in different PTCs, so just choose your desired package and pay the required amount and within minutes you’ll get your rented referrals in your down line and then you’ll be getting paid for their clicks too. But one thing you have to remember is to Invest only on Legit and Proven PTC Sites. This will assure you that you won’t get scammed and you will get your money doubled of what you’d spent for renting them.


If you take our words than we would like to suggest you to Join Neobux and rent referrals there. Because if you rent referrals in Neobux than almost 95% of them will be actively clicking for you, this is just because in Neobux you have to follow their Ad clicking rules.



4. Do not withdraw your Earnings: This is really important for you to not to withdraw your earnings for at least one month. You should use your earnings in renting referrals and in buying advertisement clicks for you which can make you experience a Dramatic change in your earnings. We are asking you not withdrawing your earnings because as we all know that every business has to be stabilized and profitable for you, whether it’s a bigger or smaller one. And for making it stabilized you have to make it a stronger foundation by helping it financially. Once you have done so, than just sit back and watch your payouts rolling in your account!!



5. Advertise your referral link: This is the best, proven and most working method for getting direct referrals. But for gaining advantages, choosing the right place really matters as you must advertise your referral link in a place as your niche (The Paid to Click Sites). This really works and the best part is that it’s less expensive as compared to other advertising campaigns. Depending upon your advertising package you’ll be getting 600 impressions daily, and if you have a strike rate of at least 10%, so you’ll be getting 60 referrals daily.


(This is just a prediction, the greater your Advertising Campaign the more exploding results it will fetch for you!!)


So these are the five proven and successful tactics that can be boosting your earnings. So just put them up while you work and see the results!!


One more thing that we need to tell you is not to miss your daily clicks even if you have a good down line because your each single click counts for you and do think about your up line as they depend upon your clicks, so just take 10-20 minutes and click your Advertisements and that’s it!!


Please leave your feedback and comments and let us know about how you are finding our articles and plus you can also request for articles that can help you!


Enjoy and Happy Clicking!!


To Your Success,


Paid To Click Program's

These programs are probably one of the risker programs of making money online only because the history these types of websites have, and it isn't very good. So much so that many frown at the word Paid to Click.

These sites have been known to collapse because thy don't properly setup the program correctly and end up owing more than they earn from advertisers purchasing the traffic from them and tend to rely on membership upgrades and referral purchases to cover the difference, which ends up not being enough to pay their members.

Even though there is a risk, these programs should not be over looked... With this tarnished history there are a few Paid to Click websites that are fighting to change the view toward Paid to Click websites. Adverbux and are two of those trying to change the landscape. is the formal leader at this point in time and now in just over a year of existence, has over 12 million members worldwide. In there short existence they have paid out over 2 million dollars to their members and have become a very profitable company. They essentially pay over 6000

people each week. They have not taken the same old route of past Paid to Click programs and

have expanded their programs, investments, and created valuable serviceable websites to increase the total revenue that Bux brings in, thus creating a stable and successful Paid to Click Program to this point.


Bux is though going through a slight crisis which is due to being understaffed and the separation from PayPal. They are currently in a payment backlog, most of which is due to their new payment provider Alertpay which as had some technical problems on their website which are

causing delays in payments not just from bux, but from other vendors who use them.

This would not be the case if they were still using Paypal, but Paypal decided that they no longer wanted to deal with the overload of payments that Paid to click sites like Bux make per day and separated their selves from most Paid to Click websites. Part of this may have been because of the over all conception about Paid to Click websites and that it took a lot of their staff members to keep up with the high number of payments that were being made through the payment processor daily. Really, I don't understand Paypal's thinking, but it is what it is....

Bux is ensuring there members that the Payment backlog will be over soon and the normal Payment schedule will be back to normal soon. They are also about to release new features and ways of earning more money soon,

plus a program that may speed up payments even faster.....As a member I am not too concerned of Bux and feel they will be back on track soon.

Not sure what a Paid to Click website demands of you?



The Paid to Click concept is where you sign up for basic membership for free. Each day you will receive about 5 to 20 ads a day, depending on the program you join. You click on the ad and are taken to a page with a counter on the top of the page that is usually counting down from 30 to 0.

Once Zero is hit, a check or a X will appear next to